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Facebook Auto Group Joiner Script 2017 | Join Multiple Groups Automatically




Facebook Auto Group Joiner Script 2017 | Join Multiple Groups Automatically

In this video I'll show you how to join multple groups on facebook automatically for free using facebook auto group joiner script.
The script is free.

To use the script first download imacros.

Imacros for Firefox (recommended) :
Chrome :

Direct Links For Imacros :

Firefox :
Chrome :

Once you added extension to your browser (firefox) , you will need the script to add it to imacros folder.

Download : Facebook Auto Group Joiner 2017 :
alt link :

After downloading the script , paste the folder to imacros folder.


Next thing is you will need a file with csv format, short you need csv file with the keywords you want to join groups for.

Let say you wanna join groups with the keyword seo,make money online,facebook social toolkit, tricks , hacks , bitcoins

So you will need to create csv file with these keywords in each line.

Once you got the file with keywords , you are good to go :) .

Now just open browser and the extension (Imacros) and you will see the script . Click on it and then click PLAY.

The script will start running and will first ask for file path which you have created and then the amount of keywords in it.

Providing these details and click ok. You are all done and the script will automatically join all the groups with the targeted keywords.

PS: Make sure you are logged into facebook account and the account should be active. Don't use the script on newly made facebook IDs.

That's all you need to do for joining multiple groups on facebook with facebook auto group joiner.

For any query comment below and I'll be there to help you :)