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Combining Network Marketing And Internet Marketing Concepts
Coming from the network marketing industry like
many network marketers that see the internet as a
better way to market a network marketing business
in this day and age.

Internet marketing with a
blogging system can work on your behalf to bring
targeted traffic to your blog versus you having to engage
individuals who really don't meet the qualifications of
making a good fit for being a successful network

This concept of internet marketing is the new age way
of marketing a network marketing business fast.

Most people seem to go the old school traditional way of
building a network marketing business without leveraging
internet marketing as a means to build their business also.
There are a few that leverage both traditional network
marketing and internet marketing together. But by using
both concepts of marketing as a marriage it is much easier and
faster than the old traditional way alone.
Combining Network Marketing And Internet Marketing Concepts

Though many network marketing empires have been built this

way, the internet wasn't invented then. I believe had it was,

someone in network marketing would have found a way to

build a network marketing business online also, like it has

been done today.

Some Network Marketing Traditional Concepts

Having to build a list of your family and friends by the hundreds
and contact them to expose them to your network marketing
business.Is the days of old anymore with the bogging system
that we have today.

Doing home parties in attempt to explode
your network marketing business still is key. But with internet
marketing no more do we have to physically invite people over
to our homes to do them. We have a specific piece of
technology that allow us to do this right from the comfort of our
laptops or smart phones.

Building Relationships In Internet Marketing

Internet marketing we have what is called an auto responder to
follow up with our leads which builds a relationship with our

Combining Network Marketing And Internet Marketing Concepts
Putting content on a blog or video is building connections and
and relationships. With the tools and system that we have in
today's new age of on the internet is specifically designed for
network marketing on the internet.

There are old schoolers that
still believe that relationships can't be developed online seeing
that network marketing is a relationship business. But this
proves that not to be true.