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Dan Kennedy Opportunity Marketing Concepts 2




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DAN S. KENNEDY offers lived, worked well, and prospered as a copywriter for days gone by 30 years. With average task charges from $50,00 to $150,000 (plus royalties) and more than $1 million each year gained from consulting and copywriting for customers, part-time, Dan is obviously among the highest paid copywriters on the planet. For AWAI, he'll attract on his entire profession from begin to present, to supply unprecedented insight in to the how-to's and, yes, some tips for creating high demand, creating a stable of replicate and on-going customers, and commanding big earnings. His perspective on the business enterprise differs from a great many other copywriters. He might shock you, may annoy you, will concern you, and could point one to new opportunity and exceptional if contrarian personal technique. For more information about Dan Kennedy check out

Dan Kennedy Opportunity Marketing Concepts 2